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Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1951, headquartered in Yulin City, Guangxi. It is an investment and financing management company with capital operation and asset management as its core. It has more than 30 wholly-owned, holding and equity-participating subsidiaries with total assets of 39.1 billion yuan and nearly 20,000 employees. Yuchai is a complete and complete manufacturing base of internal combustion engine in China. It has industrial bases in Guangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing and Liaoning.

Yuchai ranks in the top 500 of Chinese enterprises, ranking 218 in the top 500 of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, 9 in the top 100 of China's machinery industry enterprises, 103 in the top 500 of China's most valuable brands, with brand value exceeding 41.5 billion yuan. He has won the "Chairman of the Autonomous Region Quality Award" and "China Quality Award Nomination Award" and other honors. He is a national demonstration base for enterprise culture construction, and has published enterprise sustainable development report for 11 consecutive years.

Yuchai takes "green development, harmony and win-win" as its management idea, and carries out group operation through "strategic and investment management center, operation management center, financial monitoring center, human resources center, audit and supervision center". During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, with the advantages of diversified industries, the annual operation scale of Yuchai has exceeded 40 billion yuan, and the annual sales of engines ranks the forefront of the industry.

Through system innovation, technology innovation and management innovation, Yuchai has increased international technology introduction and talent introduction, fostered core competitiveness, introduced social capital, invested in new projects, and constructed three core strategic industrial sectors: engine industry chain, new energy and environmental protection industry chain, Industrial Finance and business logistics services, so as to achieve sustained, stable, healthy and sustainable development of the group. Effective development, Yuchai will become an international first-class enterprise.

Yuchai develops the engine industry chain and the new energy industry chain. Guided by the matching of key components of engine and new energy, Yuchai forms a comprehensive industrial base integrating the whole engine industry, the whole new energy vehicle industry, the matching key parts industry, the terminal equipment manufacturing industry and the commercial, trade, financial and logistics industry. Yuchai is the leading industry cluster of hundreds of billions. High-quality development of machinery industry in the whole region.

Engine Industry Chain: Strengthen the main engine industry, actively extend to the upstream and downstream, form the "parts - whole machine - terminal" integrated equipment manufacturing system, and build the gold industry chain.

New energy and environmental protection industry chain: focusing on new energy vehicles and key components, clean energy power generation and application, strengthening new energy vehicles, clean energy power generation, developing pure electric commercial vehicles, new energy vehicles, fuel cells and so on; relying on new energy vehicles to develop environmental protection industry, forming an integrated industry of waste classification, collection, transportation, transit, treatment, etc. Public sanitation facilities, sanitation cleaning equipment, sewage treatment equipment, solid waste treatment equipment, to build a new energy and environmental protection industry chain.

Industrial Finance and Business Logistics Services: Guided by supporting, serving the engine industry chain, new energy and environmental protection industry chain, Industrial Finance and business logistics services are built around financial leasing, industrial fund, automobile business, supply chain finance and logistics industry park.

Yuchai is committed to continuously creating value for customers through continuous technological innovation. It has established three R&D bases in Yulin, Nanning and Europe. It has a national enterprise technology center, a national accredited laboratory, a post-doctoral research workstation, an academician expert enterprise workstation, and a National Engineering Laboratory for internal combustion engines. It has cooperated with more than 40 domestic and foreign research institutions to establish joint development centers. It is an international frontier research base. In the field of engine research, leading peers have introduced engines that meet the emission regulations of Guo 4, Guo 5 and Guo 6, leading the green revolution in the engine industry and continuing to provide users with green power and green machines with high cost performance. The group has more than 3600 authorized patents, many technologies to fill the gaps in China, "Energy-saving and environment-friendly diesel engine key technologies and industrialization" and other projects won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award six times.

Yuchai has the largest and most advanced casting center in Asia, the most efficient production line of machine processing and assembly and testing in the industry, and has built up the Yuchai Rapid Manufacturing Base of the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Forming Technology and Equipment. The project "Digital Foundry Workshop for Large and Medium Engine Cylinder Block" was selected as the national intelligent manufacturing project in 2015, and the project "Key Technologies and Equipment for Dieless Composite Forming Manufacturing of Complex Castings" won the special prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award in 2016.

Yuchai has established a marketing management system including product sales, application development, after-sales service and spare parts monopoly. It has the largest network in the industry, the largest number of service outlets, the smallest radius of service, the longest three-package mileage and the shortest response time. It has established 28 domestic offices, 12 overseas offices, 12 machine management departments and 12 shipping and Telecommunications regions. 182 overseas service agents, more than 3000 service stations and more than 5000 spare parts sales outlets provide "Jie Cheng" services to users at home and abroad.

In the future, Yuchai will continue to deepen joint venture cooperation at home and abroad, optimize industrial structure, promote enterprise safety, health and sustainable development, enhance core competitiveness, complete the global layout of Yuchai, and realize the vision of "customer trust brand, world-class enterprise".


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